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Cartouche Tarot

The State of the Heart Tarot

This is a four card spread intended for people in relationships and experiencing difficulties or problems. If you have a mere quibble (or a wobble) or even a sulky ‘bad hair day’, wait before using the spread. Things may look different tomorrow. This programme is intended for those who are genuinely at a loss within their love life, not for those who are merely fed up with some passing issue, or feeling like a bit of excitement. (Never use our tarot frivolously or indiscriminately)

Only if you are undergoing difficulties or states of estrangement and/or turmoil will this programme apply to you. This spread will tell you the state of your own feelings, the feelings of the other, what is in the way and the future potential based on all of that.

It has a totally different function to ‘Tarot of Initial Encounter’ or the ‘General Tarot’

As always, quieten the mind and focus the thoughts before beginning. If you cannot do this or you have excessive anger or other negative emotion, try to overcome it before sitting down to the information.

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Cartouche Tarot

Cartouche Tarot