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Cartouche Tarot

The Personal Sexuality Tarot

‘Tarot of Personal Sexuality’ is the spread for those who are having doubts about their own progress within love and sexual matters. It is for people of any age and of either gender and any sexual orientation. And it is especially for those who are open to change and growth and personal assessment. The functions of sensuality, sexuality and feeling are inextricably linked. We cannot feel emotion without it affecting our physical drives, and we cannot have the physical needs without some kind of emotion. The mind and the body cannot be separated in this respect.

In line with our other spreads ‘Tarot of Personal Sexuality’ needs to be approached and absorbed with concentration and patience - it is not a superficial look at bedroom antics, nor is it a quick fix handbook. It’s for people who see love as part of their integral development and an area of wider and subtle meaning. It is derived from a two card extraction and is a personal profile/report.

Use this tarot to establish where you are in your emotional-sexual evolution, and to know the way others may be perceiving you. Or where you may have blind spots and grey areas in understanding yourself. ‘Tarot of Personal Sexuality’ concerns your individuality and where you are at. Use it to get a better balance within your own skin. A more defined integration between the mental, emotional and physical forces which go to make up the whole of the psycho-sexuality. Do not overuse this spread simply for curiosity value or you will confuse yourself in the most sensitive area of life. Use it only when you feel you have made a shift in consciousness or are certain that something needs clarifying.

As always, please read the instructions prior to taking any of our spreads.

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Cartouche Tarot

Cartouche Tarot