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Cartouche Tarot

The Emotional Healing Tarot

This spread is for those who have experienced broken relationships. Its aim is to give added insight and supply objective clarity. The revelations in ‘Emotional Healing’ will be of benefit to those who wish to know more about the deeper levels of disharmony between them self and the lover, and the often hidden or psychological reasons behind the break up.

It is a comprehensive profile based on the selection of two cards, the first deck encompasses the five major cause of failure in relationship, impacting with the second deck which looks at the effects in the overall picture.‘Emotional Healing’ is of benefit for people after relationship failure such as divorce, separation, estrangement etc. ... ...but not bereavement. Nor should it be used after casual flirtations.

The other Cartouche spreads dealing specifically with emotions are ‘Initial Encounter’ (for potential relationships) and ‘State of the Heart’ (for problems in existing relationships)... both available to paid subscribers.

More than ever with this tarot, we urge people to take care when reading the content. It is dynamic revelation which should be digested and considered carefully. It may be a completely new way of thinking for some people and will need some adjusting to, or some serious reflection. It is not a quick fix or a trite summary. It is as unique to you as you are to your relationship. As with our other spreads, it is necessary to relax and calm the mind before you select the cards and before you read the results, taking time to reflect and assimilate. Relationship break downs are painful, it is not always easy to be objective and truthful with yourself - it requires patience. Take time to re-read and re-think.

Use this spread only once after the trauma of the break-up and trust yourself, the author and the universe to have selected the information you most need to know at this juncture. It is totally unnecessary to take more than one reading for the same relationship break up, unless there is a period of time which changes the situation substantially. Although there is always the temptation to do this, it will merely confuse the issue. As with all Lyn’s work, the content is meant to provoke new thought, as much as to supply answers.

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Cartouche Tarot

Cartouche Tarot