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Cartouche Tarot

The Career Change Tarot

This spread is for those who are thinking of making changes in job/career/vocation or line of work and who have definite possibilities in the pipeline. For example..... proposals, contacts, offers, interviews.... matters beginning to materialise. Do not use it more than once on the same job opportunity or proposal. Use it on an individual basis for positions or applications. If you have more than one option you wish to consider, spread for them one at a time.

This spread is not for the merely discontented who are only contemplating or imagining change (if you’re at that stage come back to the spread later on when something has started to take shape and there are definite decisions and moves to be made).  You may find our general spread more useful if this is the case.  As always with our tarot programmes, go inward for a minute or two and quieten the mind and still the body before getting a reading.

Follow the instructions for using all Cartouche tarot at the beginning of the programme.

Enjoy your reading and consider it carefully.

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Cartouche Tarot

Cartouche Tarot