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intro offer

Our Taster for free is 'One Card Solution'
Our other sample reading for new visitors (suitable for most matters) is 'Life Issue' at just £2 as a one off. Take advantage of this introductory offer - Your life and your concerns deserve us!

Then if you like the sample reading proceed to the pay-gate & study the options.

Cartouche Tarot Online offers unique insight & information on your life and problems, the next best thing to a live reading, this site is created by Lyn Shea - U.K. Astrologer and the Cartouche technicians...

Internet technology and the revelations of the tarot arcanum blended to orchestrate an interactive programme which creates a personal interface via your mouse. The cards are shuffled before each reading selection


The "Life Issue" spread is an excellent taster of our full service, which has 14 different spreads

... Amongst these are...
home moves, emotional matters, career changes and financial speculation
specific theme spreads created by Lyn Shea, the U.K.’s foremost metaphysical astrologer.

Sun in Taurus Overview for May to September podcast ... Latest Blog

REMEMBER you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account
to pay by Card using PayPal, you just need to enter minimal information for card verification purposes.

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