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We all get too close to our own stuff, too lost in our own thought processes. Good accurate tarot card readings enable you to gain a better perspective; some objectivity. If you need to get some clarity take an alternative view. The lever of life is attitude. The readings reflect the change in attitude and consciousness which humans are about. The next best thing to a live reading, the Cartouche generic tarot card reading online programme is unique in accuracy, insight and leeway to fresh approach.

Cartouche Tarot Online offers unique insight and information on your life and problems, the next best thing to a live Tarot Card reading.Lyn Shea.U.K. Astrologer with the Cartouche Technicians.

Whether it’s online or a live reading, tarot cards do not dictate your destiny, or even reveal it, they indicate the road towards it. The future is a movable feast. No cause has just one effect. Nothing happens for only one reason. To view the future differently is to alter what you feel is immovable. Or move what you feel is unalterable. To use the strength of the present is to re-shape the potential of the future. Nothing anyone ever tells you is carved in tablets of stone. A good accurate tarot card reading mirrors your mind. Sometimes we do not know what we think until someone asks us the right question! The online tarot card spreads at Cartouche are for unlocking your inner knowledge - not for telling your future - your deeper self knows what you need.

The future is within you to unfold.




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